Gamze Tosun (2020-)

Gamze Tosun completed her BA in Western Languages and Literatures at Boğaziçi University. She received her MA in Cultural Studies at Sabancı University with a thesis exploring representations of difficult pasts in performing arts. Between 2017-2020 she worked at the Hrant Dink Foundation as the project coordinator of “Media Watch on Hate Speech” and “Towards a New Discourse and Dialogue.” Her primary research interests are literary and critical theory, theater and performance studies, memory studies, and migration. She pursues a PhD Degree in the Department of Communication Studies at Kadir Has University, and works as a researcher of the ERC Starting Grant project, “Staging National Abjection: Theatre and Politics in Turkey and Its Diasporas.”

Rüya Kalıntaş (2021-)

Rüya Kalıntaş completed her BA and MA in Philosophy at Boğaziçi University and Galatasaray University, respectively. She worked at Koç University as a teaching assistant, and as an editor and translator with several publishing houses. Her primary research interests are gender studies, migration, critical theory, and performance studies. She will be enrolled in the PhD program in Communication Studies at Kadir Has University.

İlhan Çamiçi (2021-2022)

İlhan Çamiçi completed his BA in Comparative Literature at Koç University and his MA in Cultural Studies at Sabancı University. Along with teaching assistantship at Sabancı University, he worked as a research assistant in a TUBİTAK 1001 project called “Social Relations Model Approach to the Quality of Family Relations in COVID-19 Pandemic: The Centrality of COVID- 19, Perceived Difference and Self-Control” under the project coordinator Dr. Asuman Büyükcan-Tetik. He wrote his MA thesis on contemporary Turkish dystopian literature and its relation with the past through the concept of archive. He presented his works in various national conferences. His primary research interests are comparative literature, performance studies, memory studies and urban studies. His book Afro-Turks Living in Izmir was published in 2013. He also writes plays and poetry. He enrolled in the PhD program in Communication Studies at Kadir Has University and will work on Jewish theatre in Turkey.